Components Of A Dissertation You Cannot Omit

Composing a dissertation is tough work, and you could be spending up to several years working on your paper. There are some components that are extremely vital to your work and, if omitted, can be disastrous for the students. This is why amazing writer form have produced this article, so you can keep this checklist to ensure that you have included everything that is necessary.


The proposal is one of the first tasks you will have to do when you have confirmed what topic you will produce your thesis on. The proposal will be presented to a committee and you will need to justify to them why you should be given the green light to go ahead with your work.

You need to answer questions such as:

  • Why you research is important in the area that you have chosen
  • The possible consequences as a result of your research
  • How you plan to carry out your research

Although it might seem like a daunting prospect, you have nothing to be scared of. Remember that the committee members want to allow you to go ahead with your proposal, so just keep calm and be prepared.

Structure and Format

The structure and format of your work is also pivotal and cannot be changed or omitted from the standard that has been established.

For the format of your paper, you need to inquire at your university as every institution has their own requirements for the referencing style and font you must use.

The structure of your dissertation must follow this guideline:

  • Introduction: You write your thesis statement here and tell the reader what method you will be employing to try and prove this thesis statement.
  • Literature Review: This section deals with reviewing the literature published pertaining to the topic you are producing your paper on. The best place to find literature is through an academic journal.
  • Methodology: The methodology is an analysis of the methods you will be employing to gather the results to test your thesis statement.
  • Discussion: In this section, you will write down your results and then analyze these results in detail.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion will deal with whether or not the thesis statement has been proven and to what extent.

There are many important and compulsory aspects of thesis papers that simply cannot be omitted. You can now use this article as a checklist, once you have complete your paper, to see if you have included everything that is compulsory.